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Published by admin on 2011-09-30
I am excited to get underway with this project, again, after almost 15 years...in the mid-90's, Rabbi Albert Gabbai and I sat down to convert the notes he had made with Reverend Abraham Lopes Cardozo (ז"ל), into HTML format. Our goal was to provide a place to document the various steps, melodies, etc. regarding the Hazzanut of the Spanish & Portuguese tradition, particularly as it relates to Philadelphia and New York.

It has taken awhile for me to get back to work. Recently, I decided that a Wiki format would be ideal for completing this task. I hope it will serve as a foundation for those of our congregants (and congregant wanna-be's!) to learn about our service more, and, of course, I expect it will greatly enhance my own knowledge.

My intention is to bring in people from Philadelphia to help with this endeavor. Also, when I was in Israel a few months ago, I spoke with others who may be interested in participating, and certainly I know people at our sister congregation Shearith Israel in New York who are interested and likely will help. I will be reaching out to them once Rabbi Gabbai and I have a chance to lay the basic framework.

During Rosh Hashanah, I spoke with Herman Prins Salomon briefly who said he had discovered a Hazzanut manual from Amsterdam from 1751. He had discussed this awhile back on one of his visits, and now I learned he will be publishing it shortly. This was a work Rev. Cardozo was not aware of, Professor Salomon said. As information comes out about that, I will keep this site informed.

The plan is that I am going to work over the next few weeks to get a basic structure for the site and put in the content we developed already, reviewing and revising it with Rabbi Gabbai. After that time, we'll decide how to get others involved. Then it's on to world domination of the Spanish & Portuguese tradition!


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