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Welcome to Yede Abraham, an online community resource to articulate and discuss the Hazzanut in the Western Spanish and Portuguese tradition, particularly in how it has developed in New York (at Shearith Israel) and in Philadelphia (at Mikveh Israel). Our hope is that this work will inspire, educate, and transmit to our community and the world the love of our Sephardi heritage with a most faithful adherence to its tradition, especially as one in which emphasizes congregational participation in its music.

Following in this tradition of participation, we have created this Wiki to encourage the community to participate and extend it. If you would like to help us, or spot any errors or omissions, please click here to contact us.

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Artist rendition of the first synagogue building of Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia, 1782 (Artist: L. Simeone, 1984)


I complete this with praise for G-d, Creator of the world

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